Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dollface

My dollface is 23 today. She's in Rochester, but also in my heart, in that special room that says "First Baby" on the door with her name underneath.

I'm keeping an eye on the clock the way I do on her birthday, thinking back: what was going on now? How about now? At around four o'clock, I remember thinking it might not be so bad to have only one child. By five-thirty, I was asking the nurse to bring me a gin and tonic with a cracker and cheese plate. Not really! Ha. Can you imagine?

I asked her father to bring it.

Anyway, my lovely daughter has had a place at the top of my list of greatest blessings (and it's an impressive one) for a long, long, long time. She's brought laughter and love and luck into my life in ways I never expected. Her music passion has literally changed my life, and not just because I learned what a viola actually is, but because it's everywhere. I miss my girl? I listen to a symphony.

Also, there's nobody else who enjoys character shopping as much as I do; sitting in a bus or train terminal and "guessing the stories," or analyzing the mood of people stuck in traffic based on their bumper stickers. She does killer Fargo impressions and once reminded my husband and me that it was our anniversary and not to forget. She truly is - awfer cute.

Two words for my daughter that are not Happy Birthday: Thank you.

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