Monday, January 4, 2010


I'm grateful up here in the attic. I need to send God a thank-you note.
Grateful, always.
For my children, for my job, for my home and view of the front yard after it's snowed. For my family of parents and siblings who knew me when my teeth were too big for my head. For my husband who found me when I was a Barbie doll but told me I've been more attractive since fifty. For my health and ability to put pen to page. For my cat who would be a butler if he were human, he's so elegant and knowing. For classical music and the people who keep it alive because of how it loosens and deepens my soul. For my co-workers and boss who are the most gracious and earnest people I've met in a long time. For my friends who love me enough to tell me when I'm annoying but will cancel hair appointments if I ask them to come to the doctor with me. For my spirit which is even stronger than the human thigh bone. And for every single day that comes up like a shade.

Beautiful stories take on their life in the light of every day; the rainy, late-for-work ones as much as the bright ones that greet us like a happy child.

I'm grateful. I owe God a thank you note. So in 2010, I will find someone who has turned from the light, and make them see things as I do from the attic.

God willing.

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