Friday, May 1, 2015

A tiny little story about love

I love this story too much not to tell it again.

A while back, I co-hosted an event to promote our local Boys and Girls club. I had a chance to catch up with an old friend I haven't seen in at least  a decade.  We talked about where our kids were in their lives and eventually came around to the subject of when our daughters fell in love and how we reacted to the idea of them getting married.

When my friend thought things were getting serious, she said to her daughter, "You'll have to tell me when it's time to love him."

Later, after the daughter and boyfriend had moved in together they gathered with their parents for dinner. As they left the restaurant, the boyfriend leaned over and said quietly to my friend, "It's time to love me, now."

That's what I said, too.


  1. I'd say he's a keeper! I kinda wish I had not actually loved some of my children's chosen partners, but I always do.
    When things go south, it breaks my heart every time. Seems as though I'd learn, but no. I just keep loving and recovering.
    What a great little story.

  2. Jo, I agree, nothing harder. That said, these things should be involuntary so don't change nuthin.

    Even I was surprised at how this touched me; knowing she has a warm and loving rapport with her daughter and the way the boyfriend brought the moment back around... sigh.

  3. Very very sweet. :-) Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Such a sweet story, Susan. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I accidentally reached your page
    but found it very inspiring &knowledge

    its hard to collate thoughts and pen it

    gud work!