Monday, February 27, 2017

I can't wait

Oh chairs and deck, how I've missed you.

It's almost spring.

I've already noticed the feeling of "new" in the air.
The light at 10 a.m. is different, and it smells like clean laundry outside.
The sun sets later, it doesn't feel like bedtime at 4:30 anymore.
The end of the day comes more gently.

Soon, we'll be longing for dinners outside, and leaving the house without a jacket.
We'll put the tops down and feel the sun.
Instead of looking at it like someone we used to know.

It's almost time to uncover the grill, and shut off the heat.
It' almost time to open the windows, and hear this every morning.

We won't complain about the weather for months.
We'll buy bathing suits.
We'll start workout routines and move more.
We'll eat less, and feel better.

Life gets bigger when days get longer
Conversations last longer.
We walk further.
Routines bend to allow the whimsical, and we make quicker work of the practical

There is less fuss, less planning, less preparation, less thinking ahead
It is less work to live.

It seems like there is more time.
It seems like we all have this want in common

...for more time, for longer days, for bigger lives.

It's almost spring, the season of let's do this.
I can't wait.


  1. I can't wait either - although judging by the positively spring-like weather we've been having here (the dogwoods are already blooming!), I think we in full on Spring. I just hope it's a nice, long Spring.

    1. It just changes everything, doesn't it? And...dogwoods. Lucky, lucky you.

  2. I can't wait either! We had a few warms days this February and it put me entirely into spring fever. Here's hoping it arrives soon. : )

    1. I'm never surprised by a collective low mood in the winter time but I'm also so happy to see the collective good mood when the weather changes. Everyone just seems more alive.

  3. Life gets bigger when days are longer... Lovely way of phrasing. Today I'm putting my dog to sleep, my last living family member, so it's hard for me to think beyond this afternoon at 3pm, but I'll try to remember this in the coming week. Thank you, Brenda

    1. Brenda, I'm so sorry. You must be heartbroken. I'll be thinking of you today.

  4. I'm ready, too. But our weather in northern Calif has been so strange I can't get the mood going yet.

    1. It's a mood worth waiting for, though, right?

  5. Oh Susan, I'm with you. Spring can't come too soon!

  6. This weekend it was 70 here on the mountain and the dreaming of spring began.

  7. I always forget how powerful those first few signs are. Especially the chickadees.