Thursday, January 26, 2017

We lost more than Mary Tyler Moore

I miss you already.

Mary Tyler Moore has died. Just when we needed Mary Richards most.

Mary Richards was more than a role model.
She was a signpost for growing girls and teenagers: Here's where to head when you're lost.
In my anxious teens, she was confident and optimistic.
In my late twenties, when my first marriage was leaking air, even the reruns were inspiring.
She was funny when I was depressed.
She was as nice as everyone should be.

She made it look easy.

She had trouble with confrontation, but stood up when she had to.
She liked her parents.
She kept Phyllis in perspective.
She inspired Rhoda.
She never got on Mr.Grant about his drinking.
She lived and let live.

She was a feminist.
She didn't use her femininity for position.
Nor did she trade it to make it in a "man's world."
She behaved as though her potential was not limited by anything but her own choice.
She climbed the ladder at WJM in heels and Evan Picone.
She didn't treat anyone like the enemy.

Even Ted.

She was simply a nice person who knew what she wanted and deserved, and expected to work for it.

We should all be more Mary Richards.

At a time when so many are bitter and combative and frustrated and drawing from the meanest parts of themselves to express it, I consider what Mary Richards would do with her tools of confidence, elegance, smarts and class.

Mary Tyler Moore has died.

But I already miss Mary Richards, just as much.


  1. Well for goodness sakes, didn't you just capture her pure essence. Inwomrote about her this week too, because I didn't have the gumption to write about my experience marching last weekend in DC. I figured Mary Richards was a subtle conduit to today's terrible state of affairs. (But I sure didn't reach your level of articulation!)

  2. I applaud your march for what you believe in and wish to express, truly. I hope even if you don't write about it, that you'll at least be satisfied that you acted on your conviction. And oh, such nice words here. Thank you.